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Digital Humanities Around the World in 80 Days

28.09.14 | 1 Comment

Around DH in 80 Days is a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary Digital Humanities collaboration that seeks to introduce the global field of DH scholarly practice by bringing together current DH projects from around the world. Upon the initial live launch of Around DH, a different DH project from around the globe was featured on our site each day for 80 days, offering audiences a unique opportunity to meaningfully engage the international, interdisciplinary, multimodal work being done by the digital humanities community, broadly conceived.

Around DH is intended as a first step toward discovering current and developing DH projects across the globe. That is, where we hope that you will see Around DH as a valuable resource for encountering the broader, global field of DH and its diverse practices, we also hope this project will invite you to seek out the critical work of DH beyond the familiar by continuing to engage with these and other projects beyond our platform.

Each project on Around DH is provided with a brief description of the project. In many cases we copied the language by which the project describes itself. In some cases, and depending on the editor, we provided editorial descriptions. In other cases, we asked someone involved in the highlighted project to provide us with copy. These choices are indicated in the “Text by” category. In all cases we recommend you follow the link at the bottom of each entry to learn more about the actual projects. The map represents both production site and subject whenever appropriate.

The choices for inclusion were made by several editors working in collaboration with the chief editor. We hope that you do not see absences as indications that we do not value your project. At some point our friend Barbara Bordalejo quipped that we should have instead the “1,001 nights of digital humanities,” and she is right. We hope that you take these selections only as an opening gesture, while we gather the army of collaborators that it would take to do 1,001 of these.


Arthur, Paul Longley (as Australia/Pacific regional editor for AroundDH) and the AroundDH project collective.

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Paul Arthur is Vice-Chancellor’s Professorial Research Fellow and Chair in Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. He speaks and publishes widely on major challenges and changes facing 21st-century society, from the global impacts of technology on communication, culture and identity